About us


Baneshu Emergency Medical Services (EMS) is a 100% black owned company established in 2011. We are dedicated to the provision of responsive and professional emergency medical and ambulance services in the Ekurhuleni Metropolitan and surrounding areas.
Our primary objective is to deliver the appropriate level of care to persons needing emergency medical care. Our commitment to patients is to provide them with quality, timely medical transportation and highest level of care and empathy when they need it most.
Baneshu EMS team consists of highly skilled, qualified and certified emergency care personnel, always ready to manage medical and trauma related emergencies. We support and encourage the professional development of all personnel by providing in-house training. All our emergency vehicles are equipped with advanced state of the art equipment for optimal dispatch and quality service.
We are licensed to provide Advanced Life Support (ALS), Intermediate Life Support (ILS), Basic Life support (BLS) and Mobile Intensive Care Unit (MICU).
Liability Coverage: Meet full coverage on all liability insurance required by law.
Credentials and Experience of Baneshu EMS: Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT) – basic, EMT- intermediate and EMT – paramedics registered with Health Profession Council of South Africa (HPCSA).
Baneshu is not just another EMS company; we strive to transform the standard of pre-hospital care in the Gauteng region by developing procedures for measuring and improving patient care outcomes in order to establish a state-level quality improvement program.


Baneshu Emergency Medical Services will provide quality emergency care with optimal outcomes that meet the evolving needs of the greater Ekurhuleni Metro communities while maintaining a safe and productive work environment and beneficial learning experience for our staff.


Baneshu EMS is dedicated to ensure the highest quality of patient care by administering and effective pre-hospital emergency care to communities in the Ekurhuleni metro and surrounding areas. To that end, we will:

  • Emphasize excellence and service in all we do
  • Serve as an educational and experience-oriented opportunity for those interested
  • Pursue and implement the newest technological medical equipment
  • Include our involvement in collaborative relationships with other EMS providers
  • Conduct community emergency care education programs
  • Continue to grow and evolve with the changing needs of emergency medical services in the local communities.



The primary objective is to deliver the appropriate level of care to persons needing emergency medical services.
Specific objectives are listed below;

  • Decrease response time to scene after being dispatched
  • To maintain high quality care by providing outstanding training opportunities and by participating in quality improvement processes
  • Decrease recovery time of patient
  • Decrease turnaround time of ambulance
  • Decrease mother and child morbidity and mortality rate


Our intent is to continue to improve our emergency ambulance service and explore opportunities to expand the business both into other geographical and functional areas. Our long term goal is to provide aeromedical support, hire highly trained and experienced FlightMedics that are HPCSA registered as well as trained in accordance with the requirements of the Civil Aviation Authority. This goal will also extend to training of the existing personnel in this regard.

Our Core Values

As we work together to fulfill this vision and mission, we value:

  • Service – Commitment and dedication to those we serve
  • Quality Improvement and Assurance – Continuous improvement in services, information, courtesy, and responsiveness provided to our patients
  • Stewardship – Efficient, safe, responsible, use of all resources, including equipment, supplies, personnel, and finances
  • Innovation – Working together using structured problem solving to produce better ideas and to accomplish more
  • Respect – Treating our patients and peers as we would like to be treated
  • Integrity – An ethical and honest approach to all we do.

Why Choose Baneshu EMS

Baneshu EMS commits to providing medical transportation services in accordance with generally accepted medical practices and ethics.   Baneshu EMS will maintain its practice license as issued by the South African Private Ambulance & Emergency Service Association and will display its practice license number on all relevant documents. We will also show proof of our personnel’s certification and membership with HPCSA upon request to all medical partners, patients and clinical stakeholders. Baneshu patients are assured of the highest quality level of care when they need it most.

Our Clients/Target Market


These services are open to anybody in need of emergency services; it includes private patients, patients belonging to medical aids, assisting government hospitals with transfers or transportation, private sector, etc. 


  • Basic Life Support
  • Intermediate Life Support
  • Advanced Life Support
  • ICU Transfers
  • Roadside Medical and Trauma Emergencies
  • Injury on Duty
  • House Calls
  • Inter-Hospital Transfers
  • Transport from Home to Hospital
  •  Transport from hospital to home
  • Long Distance Transfer
  • Events Medical Services